Finally, a social network up to some good.

REVising Social | REViving Relationships | REVitalizing Community

REV is a community-first social platform bringing people together with inspiring stories and nurturing communities to create positive impact. More than a social network, it’s The Meaning Network™.

What makes REV different from other social networks? 

We believe in the power of human connection to inspire positive change. Social media was meant to be fun. To connect with friends, talk, laugh, ask questions. But all too often our feeds are full of toxicity, drama, noise and divisiveness. It’s time to REVise social and use it as a force to do good. On REV you will find:

Better Content

Stories change people’s lives. Yours and theirs. That’s why we’re committed to providing our users with meaningful content that drives connections for hope, help, and purpose. This is why REV is the Meaning Network.

No Ads, Just Privacy

Our platform is ad-free. On Rev, you don’t have to worry about your data being sold to advertisers. Trust, privacy and respect are our commitment to our community members.

Stronger Community

REV takes community to the next level. Engage with inclusive communities and people that get you. Share stories, follow inspiring leaders, make authentic connections, and be part of something up to some good.

Strengthening Connections

It’s all about the experiences on REV. The number of likes and shares does not motivate us. REV’s focus is to highlight meaningful content to create and nurture communities—to uplift people while promoting positivity in the world.

REV is about being a plus one.

We believe in content + connections that elevate the human experience. 

Building a community-first network starts with people who want to make a positive impact. At REV, we call these +1s.

+1 Want to be contributors vs. consumers
+1 Understand micro-actions add up over time to create meaningful moments
+1 Are up to some good

To be “The Meaning Network” we are looking for the +1s to be the driving force behind our community. We invite you to join our mission for meaning!

This is happier, healthier social.

What will you discover on REV?


Join, create, and interact with people from all over. Open, private, and hidden options per your preference.


Build strong connections and join in meaningful discussions within your community. 


Read the stories that matter to you and stay connected to the groups and communities you choose to be a part of.

Personal, Authentic Stories

Stories are the on-ramps to power true connection, community and care for each other.

Curated Content

REV Original content highlights voices of wisdom, leaders of character and inspiring stories.

Ready to do some good too?

Join REV and be part of a community on a mission to change the way we do social.