Leaders are at war for the hearts, minds and attention of those they lead and serve.

The Meaning Revolution Has Begun

Stop using platforms that work against your mission.

Current platforms only amplify noise, division and isolation; they do not help leaders heal or unite. Overwhelming noise, information overload and conflicting messages are causing stress, isolation and a lack of trust among people, teams, groups and communities.

This is the time to REVise social in ways that REVive relationships and REVitalize meaningful connections and community.

REV helps leaders win the war for Meaningful connection with their people.

REV is a leader-led, relationship- and community-building platform that serves as a meaningful and uplifting environment for leaders to connect with their people.

“The Meaning Revolution” explores a paradigm shift from matter to meaning; from compensation, command and control to purpose, principle and people; from management to leadership.

Fred Kofman, Author of “Conscious Business”

Unlike social networks where people go to “check out,”
REV is the
Meaning Network
where people come to “check in.”

“I’ll tell you the number one reason we need REV. Until I heard Andre’s story about him having an autistic child at home, I thought I was the only one. I didn’t want to bring my burdens to the workplace. I didn’t want anyone to think I couldn’t handle my job. But hearing Andre’s story gave me the courage to go and talk to him. We formed a supportive friendship, and what’s more, we started a support group for parents of autistic children in a larger community setting.” 

– Crystal, Company uses REV to build connection

Connect with, care for and inspire your people at scale.

Uplifting Content

Give your people a digital platform to connect in authentic ways. Promote stories that highlight voices of wisdom, leaders of character, and inspiring stories.

Positive Community

Build strong teams by connecting people in more meaningful ways. Host dynamic discussions that promote empathy and understanding to foster true inclusion and belonging.

Impactful Development

Inspire your people with mentorship and educational content that enhances personal and professional wellbeing. 

Meaningful stories fuel the power of human connection to inspire positive impact.

Authentic stories are the onramps to power true connection, community and care for each other. REV uses the power of strategic storytelling to help leaders truly connect with, develop, care for and inspire their people at scale.

Build Trust

REV is a safe, private communication
platform for everyone, fostering connections and team unity.

Grow Respect

REV encourages openness within teams to enhance diversity and inclusion.

Inspire Hearts

REV helps connect people to meaningful relationships and to resources for hope, help and purpose — personally and professionally.

Take Action

REV motivates and inspires people to break down
barriers and make positive change.

Be a leader who inspires positive change.

Connect with, grow and inspire your people today.