Introducing REV, The Meaning Network


Why are we changing our name? Great question!

When we originally chose the name TRIBAL, we had the best intentions and best meaning of “tribes” in mind. However, over the last year, we’ve had some pushback to our name, TRIBAL, and have been experiencing friction we felt could create barriers to our growth and ability to affect positive impact.

“There has been an increasingly negative association with the words tribal and tribalism, both politically and in common usage,” explains Rachael Jackson, founder and CEO.

Lee Dannelly, co-founder and COO, adds, “Although the name TRIBAL was chosen on the inclusive ideal that we are all one tribe, we recognize that language can be misrepresented as derogatory in certain contexts. Our mission has always been to unify people through common understanding and experience, but the name was getting in the way of this mission, so the decision to change was essential.”

After much consideration and discussion, we have chosen our new name — REV. REV is a community-first, social platform connecting people in more meaningful relationships through inspiring stories and nurturing communities that point to resources for hope, help and purpose. We believe in the power of human connection to inspire positive change, and REV is powering positive impact by revising the way social networks work.


REV is REVising Social, REViving Relationships, and REVitalizing Community.


We are excited for this opportunity to move forward with REV, a great name that represents all we’re working hard to achieve.

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Thank you,
The REV Team!