Build strong, thriving and inclusive teams that outperform all others.

Real, meaningful connection is the key to unlocking an inspired workforce. We help leaders build this kind of connection from the top-down, bottom-up and inside-out.

Introducing REV’s Connection as a Service (CaaS)™.

Learning + Services + Platform = REV

At REV, we combine world-class leader development, coaching and training with an amazing platform, content and services that will help leaders connect with, develop and inspire their people in meaningful, effective and scalable ways, leading to teams that stay together and outperform all others.


  • Leader Development in Authentic Leadership and Power of Connection
  • Practical Training in Storytelling and Connection Building
  • Ongoing Coaching


  • Strategic Storytelling Services 
  • Digital Community-Building Services
  • Leader and Team Assessments & Customized Development Plans


  • A ready-made “Meaning Network” in which to connect with your people
  • Surround your people with positive & uplifting stories and practical resources for growth

Connect your teams to each other, to your organization, to resources for hope & help and to opportunities for purpose.

Benefits of REV

REV helps you leverage the power of storytelling and the scalability of technology to create leaders and teams who know each other, care about each other and stay together.

  • A strong sense of inclusion, belonging and connection for your team(s).
  • A strengthened culture built from the top-down, bottom-up and inside-out.
  • An increased level of trust within your organization.
  • An inspired workforce that finds their work and their connections to be very meaningful — no matter what that work is.

Discover the Power of Connection

REV is helping large, dispersed and growing teams feel like small and connected teams again.

Employees have found unexpected support systems in the workplace and they love the feeling of accessibility to their leadership, the immediacy of company/team news and the personal stories about their coworkers and their leaders.

The REV Process

Getting started is easy. We work with you and your team to walk you through the discovery phase, the building phase and the execution of your very own digital community.

Phase 1: Discovery

Your REV Customer Success team works with you to understand your vision, mission, values, people and desired culture.

Phase 2: Build

We work with you to establish a strategic connection-building plan that will help you maximize your benefits of using REV.

Phase 3: Execute

We help implement your plan within your custom network or within the REV Network. Walking with you from planning through launch. After launch we continue to build, measure and learn to improve your community.


End Result

is strong, resilient teams that stay together and outperform all others.

REV up your workplace today!

Your people are longing for more meaning in life, both personally and professionally. You are in a unique position to positively impact the people that you lead. Those who figure out how to make work more meaningful will thrive for years to come. Those who do not, will fade away. Your people are your number one asset and we can help you lead them well.